A Little about the Owner​​

Despite her youth, Farah— main cosmetologist of The Waxing Boutique—has built up an impressive resume. After graduating from Paul Mitchell The School Houston, she spent some time primping models for notable runway appearances and fashion shoots, including Houston Fashion Week and the Danny Nguyen Show. While working on those high-profile projects, she sorted out her true cosmetological calling and started leveling up her expertise in waxing.

Pouring that same meticulousness into her waxing has paid off, particularly in the form of one staggering promise: painless Brazilian wax. The numbing cream helps, but Farah realizes that it's the anxiety—not the actual waxing—that trips most folks up. To that end, she deploys impeccable bedside manner, a little charm, and loads of professionalism. She even puts harried minds at ease with a hyper-hygienic "never double dip" policy. Add hot towels to open and relax pores, and the guarantee that the whole show'll be over within 15 minutes, and you start to get an idea of why Farah uses words like "pampering" when she talks about waxing.

She uses creme and hard wax with equal adeptness, clearing underarms of hair or sculpting eyebrows into delicate arches. After all, she started her waxing career as an arch expert, at the Benefit Brow Bar. And as a Paul Mitchell cosmetology graduate, she keeps a slew of tricks up her sleeve. Folks can pop in for quick waxes and makeup applications, and if they want to learn from her experience, they can take a 30-minute mini-course on how to recreate the look at home. 

A Little about the waxing boutique

The Waxing Boutique was founded in 2013 by Owner, Farah, fulfilling her vision of a boutique dedicated to the art of waxing. We are a full service wax boutique who specialize in the mastery of Brazilian Wax plus the extra leisure. We provide services such as numbing, hot towels, luxury waxing, and flawless hair and makeup for occasions. 

What makes The Waxing Boutique different? 
We take all precautions to maintain the highest levels of hygiene for our clients. We wouldn't dream of double dipping our spatulas into the wax pot; that could cause all kinds of nasty cross contamination. Individual wipes come standard with every bikini wax. No one comes near your goodies without a pair of gloves. We use the finest quality of French Hard Wax, resulting in the most, at ease wax experience.We offer waxing services and numbing products which can make your waxing treatment practically painless!
From quick Make-up fixes, our fine waxing appointments, to treating yourself with an updo for the night, we will meet all your needs. We are conveniently located inside of SALONS by JC in the sweet city of Sugar Land, Tx Suite 10.