Q: Should I shower right before my appointment? 

A: It’s always nice to feel clean when you come in for an appointment, but we offer individual wipes with every bikini, French and Brazilian wax so you don’t have to obsess over it.​

Q: ​Is there anything I should NOT do before your appointment?

A: We recommend you not drink caffeine making you sensitive, smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol (night before or morning) before your wax, causing your pores to shrink- all resulting in discomfort.

ChecklistHair should be at least 1/4-1/2 inch long. Longer the hair, better the results.

ChecklistDon’t apply creams, lotions or gels to the area being waxed the day of your appointment.

ChecklistDon’t sunbathe 24-48 hours before or after your treatment. Tanning before treatment can cause the skin to lift.

Checklist If you have a low pain tolerance, take an aspirin or ibuprofen up to 500-800 mg 30 min before your appointment to reduce discomfort. Bruising may occur with any meds.

Checklist Wear comfy undies, you don’t want super tight clothing irritating your freshly waxed sweet spot.

Q: Is there anything I should tell my wax expert?

A:Because we care about your health and the integrity of your skin, The Waxing Boutique will not perform waxing treatments if you are currently using Retina-A, Differin, or Accutane, unless you sign our consent form.

Q: Is there anything I can do to prepare for a brazilian/bikini wax?

A: Make sure your hair is at least a 1/2 of an inch long. If you normally shave, stop at about 3 weeks before coming in for a wax-the longer the better. Also, it is important to exfoliate the area prior to wax, making your wax easier.

Q: Does a Brazilian wax hurt?

A: There is a level of discomfort during a Brazilian, especially if it’s your first time. But not to fear, we do everything in our power to make your experience more comfortable including super sensitive waxes and excellent, highly-trained, wax expert. You can always take Advil or Ibuprofen up to 800mg prior to your scheduled wax. Keep in mind, ibuprofen results in some bruising.

Q: ​What if I get my period before my appointment? 
A: It’s always best to avoid scheduling your Brazilian waxes for while you are menstruating due to the sensitivity during the appointment, but if you absolutely need a wax now, we will be happy to accommodate you. Make sure to wear a tampon.


After-Wax care list

questions and concerns

ChecklistDon’t sunbathe for 24 hours before or after your. treatment. (Tanning after your treatment can cause irritation and even burns.)

ChecklistDon’t use any products/scrub on the waxed area for 24 hours.

Checklist No swimming pool, hot tubs, working out, sauna, or sun  bathing for 24 hours after waxing.

ChecklistApply our PFB in-grown serum to diminish bacteria and even hyperpigmentation.

Checklist Moisturize the area daily with a natural jojoba oil formula, Deck Polish.

Checklist After your shower, pat area dry, then gently exfoliate every 2 days with our Deck Scrub Original formula or the sensitive formula in circular motions.